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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
Gas, Oil and Repairs 1949
Covert's Pasture 1940 Water Color
Coal, Gravel, Concrete 1951 First Prize
Brecksville Road 1937 Water Color
Coal Yard, No. 2 1942 Water Color
Subsiding storm 1952 Water Color
Harrington Sound, Bermuda 1929 Water Color
The Watchman 1943
Pink House, Bermuda 1929 Water Color
Factories in Winter 1946 Water Color Honorable Mention
Sunny Corner 1926 Oil Painting
Sculptor's World 1947 Honorable Mention
The Mountain Lake 1925
March in Mentor 1949 Water Color
Fall on the Cape 1940 Water Color
Houses in Willoughby 1940 Water Color
Leavings 1951 Water Color
Building Ships 1925
Morning, Cape Cod 1942 Water Color
The Hudson at Albany 1952 Water Color
Hill Country 1935 Water Color
December 26th 1944 Honorable Mention
Pittsburgh 1934 Water Color
Hudson River Country 1946 Water Color Honorable Mention
Superior Bridge 1924
Share Croppers 1947 Water Color
The Nursery 1939 Water Color
Mrs. Daggott 1949 First Prize
Mining Town 1940
Natural Barrier 1951 Water Colors (Including Tempera) Honorable Mention
Building the Bridge 1929
Morning, Little Harbor 1942 Water Color
Willoughby Coal Yard 1952 Water Color
Home in the South 1936 Water Color
Houses by the River 1944 Water Color
Provincetown 1927 Oil Painting
Slag dump at night 1946 Water Color
The Actress 1934
The Harbor Fill 1947
The Open Bridge 1926 Oil Painting
Outer barrier 1949 Water Color
Pleasant Point, Cape Cod 1940
Newton Hook 1951 First Prize
Christmas Eve 1928
School Bus 1942 Special Award
Woods end breakwater 1952 Water Color
In the Harbor 1925
Spring Comes on the Hudson 1944 Special Award
Provincetown 1930 Water Color
Small Town 1946 Water Color Honorable Mention