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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
The Storm, Bermuda 1930
The Green Sea 1949
A Back Street at Night 1926 Third Prize
Lumber Mill 1941 Honorable Mention
Nickerson Beach 1951 First Prize
Feed, Grain, Coal, Oil 1943 First Prize
Carpenter's Bouquet 1953
Late Afternoon 1922
The Swamp Reclaims 1946 Special Award
The Village in Winter 1924
A Clear Day in December 1922
Emma Furnace 1928 First Prize, Industrial Cleveland
George Leaves Today 1943
Coal Dock 1953
The Tracks at Truro 1946 Special Award
The Edge of Ronsevert 1936 Honorable Mention
The West Side, Cleveland 1923
Open Pit Mine 1951 First Prize
Early Shift 1953
Shops in Winter, Flats, Cleveland 1923
The Wharf 1939
Harbor Lights 1926 Oil Painting
Sunny Corner 1926 Oil Painting
Provincetown 1927 Oil Painting
The Open Bridge 1926 Oil Painting
The Cuyahoga in Winter 1927 Oil Painting
Evening, West Virginia 1935 Water Color
Castle Hill 1947 Water Color
Autumn 1939 Water Color
Fay's Woods 1938 Water Color
Rock Point 1943 Water Color
Bailey's Bay 1928 Water Color
Wind, San and Sea 1951 Water Color
South of Perry 1943 Water Color Honorable Mention
The Go Sign 1927 Water Color
Barberry Hedge 1940 Water Color
Barns at Dry Creek 1937 Water Color
Hamilton, Bermuda 1929 Water Color
St. George, Bermuda #1 1928 Water Color
Judd's Corner 1947 Water Color
October, Hudson Valley 1948 Water Color Honorable Mention
Pig Slaughter 1935 Water Color
The Harbor 1925 Water Color Honorable Mention
Windswept 1948 Water Color Honorable Mention
Fall on the Cape 1940 Water Color
Brecksville Road 1937 Water Color
Coal Yard, No. 2 1942 Water Color
Outer cove 1952 Water Color
Harrington Sound, Bermuda 1929 Water Color
Pink House, Bermuda 1929 Water Color