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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Two salts and two copper spoons 1941 Enamel
Two green salts and 2 spoons 1942 Enameling
Sterling silver ring 1944 Jewelry
Sterling silver necklace 1944 Jewelry
Sterling silver identification bracelet 1944 Jewelry
Sterling silver flower earrings 1944 Jewelry
Sterling silver baby spoon and fork 1944 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Sterling pin, enamel set 1941 Jewelry, Unique
Sterling pin and enamel set 1942 Jewelry
Sterling Pansy Pin 1943 Silver
Sterling money clip 1942 Jewelry
Sterling Leaf Pin 1943 Silver
Sterling Leaf Bracelet 1943 Silver
Sterling Cross 1940 Jewelry
Square brown tray 1944 Enamel
Square blue tray 1942 Enameling
Small Blue Tray 1943 Enamel
Small Blue Flower Tray 1943 Enamel
Sea horse enamel tray 1941 Enamel
Rose quartz and sterling necklace 1941 Jewelry, Unique
Red Tray 1943 Enamel
Red bowl 1942 Enameling
Pewter Box 1942 Metalwork Other than Silver and Iron Second Prize
Pair of enamel and sterling cuff links 1944 Jewelry
Pair of cuff links 1942 Jewelry
Octopus enamel tray 1941 Enamel
Large blue scalloped tray 1944 Enamel
Cloisonne Whale Pin 1940 Jewelry
Brown Tray [one of two listed in the exhibition] 1944 Enameling on Metal Third Prize
Brown Tray 1943 Enamel
Brown flower tray 1942 Enameling
Brown Enamel Pin 1943 Silver
Blue Scalloped Tray 1944 Enameling on Metal Third Prize
Blue medallion tray 1942 Enameling
Blue Enamel Pin in Sterling 1943 Silver
Blue Enamel Cuff Links 1943 Silver
Blue enamel and sterling silver pin 1944 Jewelry
Black lamb lapel pin 1941 Jewelry
Black Flower Cuff Links 1943 Silver
Black enamel and sterling silver pin 1944 Jewelry
Baby Spoon and Fork, Sterling 1943 Silverware Other Than Jewelry
Baby spoon and fork 1942 Silverware (Not Jewelry)