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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Contrary Theses (For Wallace Stevens) 1986 Painting egg tempera
Butterfield 1968 Painting oil
Concrete Field 1968 Painting acrylic
Contrary Theses (for Wallace Stevens) 1990 Painting egg tempera, wood, and steel
Study for Violin (After Picasso) 1978 Painting acrylic and ink
Study for Coffee Cup 1980 Painting acrylic and plaster
The Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake (After Eakins) 1984 Painting mixed media
The Dragon Turns the Ground Red 1984 Painting mixed media
Untitled (For Cavafy) 1987 Graphics mixed media
Sheep Castration Series 1971 Graphics Sanford's pews and china marker
Study for Portrait of Rudolf Hess 1971 Graphics crayon and spray
Study for Motel Interior 1972 Graphics mixed
Studies for Dealey Plaza Series (Diptych) 1977 Graphics colored pencil
Blue and White Teapot 1982 Graphics graphite and egg tempera
Ball Game for Three 1969 Graphics Mixed media Juror's Mention
Oh Mommy Triptych 1969 Graphics Mixed media Juror's Mention
Study for Dealey Plaza Series 1976 Graphics colored pencil Special Mention
Buddha's Argument 1986 Painting Mixed media Special Mention
Equivalent (F. M. S.) 1989 Painting Egg tempera Special Mention