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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
Farm Houses, Donegal 1950 Water Color
Selling the Catch 1930 Water Color Third Prize
The Rain it Falleth 1927 Water Color
A Whole Garden Full 1927 Water Color Honorable Mention
Women of the Claddagh 1931 Water Color
Cattle Market, Galway 1933 Water Color Second Prize
Keller's Garden, Berlin Hts., O. 1945
Hills of Donegal 1935
Buying the Catch, Galway 1947
Meson San Calletano 1936 Honorable Mention
Lone Carraroe 1950
Shanandoah Street 1934
The Road to La Libertad 1936 Water Color Honorable Mention
After the Flurry 1935 Water Color
Donegal weather 1941
Competition 1926 Water Color
Late Mums 1945 Water Color
Lone Carraroe 1945
Huron Harbor 1924 Water Color
Down in West Virginia 1947 Water Color
Meson San Calletano 1936 Water Color Honorable Mention
Selling the Catch 1950 Water Color
Sheep Haven Bay 1935 Water Color
The Rocky Fields of Corough 1930 Water Color
After the Rain, Guatemala 1936
Lone carraroe 1941
Donegal Farms 1932
Mending the Nets, Keem Bay, Achill 1945
Hydrangeas and Hardy Phlox 1925
Getting in the Turf, Connemara 1947 Water Color
Mountain Farm in Donegal 1934
The Rocky Fields of Aran 1950 Water Color
Shipping the Turf, Connemara 1938
The Sun Shines on Ireland 1932 Water Color
After the Shower 1935
Lovely Achill 1941
Donegal Waters 1934
Rocky Fields of Sran 1945 Water Color
In the Guatemala Highlands 1938 Water Color
Houseboat on the Kanawha 1947
Native Huts, El Salvador 1936 Water Color Honorable Mention
Winter on Fairhill Road 1950 Water Color
Street in Cobh 1933
The White Mists of Keel 1929
Ancestral Fields, Ardkell 1930 Water Color Third Prize
Market day, Chichicastenango 1941 Water Color
Donegal Weather 1932 Water Color Honorable Mention
Sheep Haven Bay, Donegal 1945 Water Color
In to Balla 1933 Water Color Second Prize
Into Kilkelly, County Mayo 1947 Water Color