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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
La Lavanderia 1938 Water Color
Los Ruines del San Francisco 1948 Water Color
Provincetown Having Its Morning Fog 1928 Water Color
The Farmer's Wife 1925 Second Prize
Vacationing at Chautauqua Lake 1925 Water Color
Caislean Burke 1930
Donegal Valley 1942 Water Color
Flowers and Old Pewter 1926 Water Color
La Lavanderea 1946 Water Color
Lazy Day 1935 Water Color
Por La Calle 1948 Water Color
Rain in the Hills 1927 Third Prize
The Fishmarket, Galway 1929 Water Color Honorable Mention
Washday Under the Buckeye Tree 1925 Water Color
Calle Ponienta, San Salvador 1936 Water Color Honorable Mention
Native Huts, San Salvador 1942 Water Color
For to Admire and For to See 1927 Water Color
Misther O'Donnell's Place 1946
Lone Carraroe 1933
Rain in the Hills, Harper's Ferry 1948
River Valley, West Virginia 1938
The Garden Gate 1919
West Virginia Mist 1935 Water Color
Camino del Mercado, Guatemala 1938
Selling the Catch, Galway 1942
Gallway Streets at Dawn 1930
Native Huts, El Salvador 1946 Water Color
Lone Carraroe 1934 Water Color Honorable Mention
The Sun Shines on Ireland 1948 Water Color
Road to the Strand, Achill 1929 Water Color Honorable Mention
The Garden Gate, Berlin Heights, O. 1923
A Far Downer Farm House 1932 Water Color
White Guineas 1919
Cathedral Rocks, Achill 1929 Water Color Honorable Mention
Turf Cart, Connemara 1942 Water Color
Hace Calor, Santa Tecla 1937 Water Color
Road in Chichicasterano 1946 Water Color
Lone Carraroe 1937
Traffic into Santa Tecla 1948 Water Color
Ruines de la Recoleccion 1938 Water Color
The Old Church at Berlin Heights, Ohio 1919
A Shower in Sligo 1933 Water Color Second Prize
Women of Connaught 1930
Cattle Fair, Galway 1929 Water Color
Street in Westport, County Mayo 1944 Water Color
High in the Blue Ridge 1935 Water Color
Street in Sligo 1946 Water Color
Mayan Inn, Chichicastenango 1938 Water Color
Donegal Weather 1950 Water Color
Saint Theodosius in the Rain 1928