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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Box - silver, Mexican opal and enamel 1933
Silver Box 1936
Match Box, Silver and Amazonite 1936
Pewter Box 1932
Necklace, silver, tourmaline pearl 1941 Jewelry
Pin - silver, Prehenite and enamel 1933 Jewelry
Pin - silver, turquoise and enamel 1933 Jewelry
Ring, silver, turquoise 1941 Jewelry
Ring - gold, black opal 1933 Jewelry
Silver bracelet (1) 1941 Jewelry
Ring, Silver and Green Onyx 1936 Jewelry
Silver bracelet (2) 1941 Jewelry
Amethyst and Pearl Cross 1934 Jewelry
Ring, Silver, Gold Set with Turquoise 1936 Jewelry
Silver Bracelet 1941 Jewelry Honorable Mention
Ring: Star Sapphire 1935 Jewelry
Bracelet 1931 Jewelry
Silver and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet 1937 Jewelry
Bracelet, silver, green onyx 1933 Jewelry
Brooch - Silver 1937 Jewelry First Prize
Silver Bracelet 1938 Jewelry
Brooch, silver 1933 Jewelry
Silver Cross and Chain 1931 Jewelry
Cross and Chain, silver and amethyst 1937 Jewelry
Earrings, Silver and Blue Chalcedony - Pair 1936 Jewelry
Lapis lazuli, enamel and silver brooch 1940 Jewelry
Lapis and Enamel Brooch 1934 Jewelry
Silver and moonstone ring 1940 Jewelry
Silver bracelet 1940 Jewelry
Pendant and Chain 1939 Jewelry First Prize
Brooch, silver, prehnite enamel 1941 Jewelry
Pendant and Chain - silver and amethyst 1934 Jewelry First Prize
Brooch, silver 1941 Jewelry
Altar Cross, Crucifix and Tiffany Glass 1938 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Sterling Silver Candlesticks and Bowl (six candles) 1942 Silverware Other Than Jewelry First Prize
Tray 1936 Enameling