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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Madonna and Child 1936 Ceramic Sculpture
Maiden in the Clouds 1951 Third Prize
Man's Inhumanity to Man 1952 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Mary 1934 Ceramic Sculpture
Mater 1938 First Prize
Medal of Award, Obverse and Reverse 1944 Medallions and Modeling in Low Relief
Meditation 1929 Sculpture In Wood, model
Minor dictator 1948 Sculpture in Clay, Unique
Miss Jane Scott 1937 Sculpture
Morning 1951 Sculpture
Morning 1932 Ceramic Sculpture
Morning 1935 Sculpture in Stone
My Grandson 1951 Sculpture
Night 1932 Ceramic Sculpture
Noon 1932 Ceramic Sculpture
Only good can give us peace 1947 Sculpture, Unique
Paul Sinz Russell 1954
Paver 1928 Sculpture
Peggy 1956
Playing Tough 1944 Ceramic Sculpture
Plotters 1960 Sculpture: Any Medium including Glass and Ceramic
Portrait - Aaron Bishop 1950 Sculpture, Unique
Portrait - Glen M. Shaw 1926 Cleveland Flower Show Medal
Portrait Bust 1919 Sculpture Commended
Portrait Bust of A. Gandola 1930 Sculpture
Portrait Bust of A. Gandola 1932
Portrait of artist's wife 1948 Sculpture in Plaster, Unique
Portrait of H.N. Matzen 1921 Medallions and Modeling in Low Relief
Portrait Paul Sinz Russell 1943 Sculpture
Portrait Relief 1923 Modeling in Low Relief Second Honorable Mention
Power 1955
Primitive Madonna 1951 Ceramic Sculpture
Prodigal Son 1951 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Honorable Mention
Renee 1964 Sculpture
Repose 1934 Third Prize
Rowfant Club Medal 1952
Sam's Horse 1945 Sculpture in Plaster
Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle 1944 Ceramic Sculpture
Savior of the Levee 1937
Sea Boy - unique 1935
Sea Horse, Book Ends (2) 1929 Ceramic Sculpture
Sketch Fountain for Metal Industry 1965 Sculpture ceramic
Snooty 1951 Ceramic Sculpture
Spunky 1944 Ceramic Sculpture
Stacy 1962 Sculpture
Standing Nude 1951 Sculpture
Study for Head of Labor 1924 Modeling for Sculpture
Study Head for Monument 1930 Sculpture
Susanna 1947 Second Prize
Sweet Adeline - Plaster Model 1936 Sculpture