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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Vase 1955 Pottery Second Prize
Bowl 1955 Pottery Second Prize
Closed Jar 1955 Pottery Second Prize
Covered Jar 1955 Pottery Second Prize
Enamel Plate 1955
Jar 1955
Plate No. 1 1955 Pottery Second Prize
Plate No. 2 1955 Pottery Second Prize
Square Bowl 1955
Bowl No. 2 1958 Pottery
Fabric 1958 Printing or Dyeing on Fabric
Jar No. 2 1958 Pottery
Jar No. 3 1958 Pottery
Window by the Sea 1958 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Blue Passages 1961 Enameling: Useful and Decorative, Including Glass
Small Bottle Form 1961 Pottery and Porcelain
Stoneware Form 1961 Pottery and Porcelain
Tapestry with Squares 1967 Textiles, Any Medium wool weaving
Kataragama 1968 Textiles, Any Medium weaving, unspun wool, natural dye, jute warp
Upekkha 1968 Textiles, Any Medium wool tapestry weaving Juror's Mention
Kandy, Ceylon; Cleveland; Kent; Provincetown 1969 Textiles, Any Medium hanna fibre
Temple Hanging for Skanda 1972 Textiles, Any Medium hanna fiber
Fish in Reflecting Pool Number 1, plique-a-jour 1973 Enameling & Glass enamel and silver
Ceremonial Piece for Skanda 1973 Textiles, Any Medium fiber