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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Ancestoral Pesthouse Unit 1971 Sculpture porcelain, acrylic, masonite
Avatar (8) 1982 Sculpture clay and wood
Axis Tower: The Ecstatic Journey 1976 Sculpture ceramic and wood
Cosmis Womb: Passageway Between the Inner and Outer World 1979 Sculpture clay, wood, acrylic, and aluminum Special Mention
Divine Transport (2): The Sacred Channel 1978 Sculpture stoneware, porcelain, wood, and aluminum acrylic
Gateway: The Arrival 1976 Sculpture ceramic and wood Special Mention
Heart Seed 1975 Sculpture stoneware
Land of the Light 1972 Sculpture porcelain clay
Life Force of the Fields 1977 Sculpture stoneware and porcelain Special Mention
Life Ship: River Way of the Source 1977 Sculpture porcelain and acrylic
Mountain Spirit Field 1974 Sculpture porcelain, sand, and wood
Spirit Migration Column 1975 Sculpture stoneware Special Mention
Tower 1981 Sculpture wood and clay $1,000 Award
Untitled 1972 Sculpture clay