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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Vespers Le Puy 1924 Freehand Drawing
Tour de L'Horloge, Amboise, France 1923
The Tombs of the Scaligeri 1927 Etching Honorable Mention
The Thirties 1925 Etching Third Prize
The Tallmadge Church 1926 Etching
The Perfumer's Shop 1934 Etching
The Little College at Bourges 1934 Etching
The House of the Moor 1927 Etching Honorable Mention
The House of Ronsard 1930 Etching
The Fifties 1925 Etching
The Day Before Crecy 1926 Etching
The Cathedral of Verona 1927 Etching Honorable Mention
Proposed House for Mr. John H. Hord 1921 Architectural Rendering
Ponte di Paradiso 1927 Etching Honorable Mention
Pair of Monel Metal and Aluminum Andirons 1931 Metalwork Other than Silver and Iron Second Prize
Lacework in Louviers 1933 Etching
L'Ange du Meridien 1924 Etching
Fable Chest 1932 Wrought Iron
Crusader's Vigil 1926 Etching Third Prize
Balconies of Isola Bella 1927 Etching Honorable Mention
155 m.m. Howitzers 1930 Etching