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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Twisting Steps, 1974 1974 Sculpture homosote
Twisting Steps with Double Ascent 1974 Sculpture homosote
Transformations 1968 Sculpture acrylic sheets
Specific Gravity 1.18 1968 Sculpture acrylic balls and magnesium sulfate solution
Pink Spill 1969 Sculpture urethane foam
Ocean Box 1966 Sculpture glass and wood
Model for a Set of Staircase - Sculptures 1971 Sculpture insulating board, masonite $1,000 Award
Galaxy (model for a tiled plaza) 1985 Sculpture mixed media
Double Tension Arches 1976 Sculpture painted aluminum, wood base
Double Echo 1967 Sculpture plexiglas, plywood, UV light, motors
Descant 1983 Sculpture cellotex Special Mention
Cut-in #3 (1974-76) 1976 Sculpture tempered aluminum, wood base
Colored Night 1968 Sculpture acrylic sheets and electric bulbs $1,000 Award
Clear Galaxy 1966 Sculpture plastic and wood
Canyon 1990 Sculpture aluminum and copper sheets
Attraction 1969 Electrical mixed media
33 Rhythms (Hommage to the Cyclades) 1979 Sculpture painted foamcore board $1000 award