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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Executive's Paperweight 1971 Enameling & Glass silver cloisonne enamel on copper and walnut
Box 1972 Other Crafts ebony and cocobolo
Paperweight for an Executive 1972 Enameling & Glass transparent enamel on gold, copper, and walnut
Wall Cross 1973 Jewelry and Metalwork cloisonne enamel on silver and ebony
Rosewood Box with Ebony Inlay 1974 Other Crafts
Box 1974 Enameling & Glass silver cloisonne and ebony
Enamel Pin--Swan Song 1974 Enameling & Glass enamel on fine silver
Wall Cross 1974 Enameling & Glass enamel on copper, gold, silver and ebony
Ebony Box 1975 Other Crafts
Walnut and Ebony Box 1975 Other Crafts
Box with Domed Cloisonne Plaque 1975 Enameling & Glass silver cloisonne, enamel, and ebony
Box 1976 Other Crafts figured mahogany and rosewood
Box: Blue Matte 1976 Enameling & Glass cloisonne enamel on silver, and ebony
Cherry and Snakewood Box 1985 Other Crafts wood