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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Young Man with a Cloak 1925 Third Prize
Young Man, linestone 1932 Sculpture
Young Mare 1951 Sculpture
Young Monarch 1961 Photography
Young Mother 1955
Young naturalist 1943 Ceramic Sculpture
Young Negro Worker 1932 Etching
Young Nude 1947 Third Prize
Young Opossums 1948 Illustration: Any Medium Second Prize
Young Quail 1958 Lithographs, Serigraphs
Young Raccoons 1956
Young roaming house mice 1945 Water Color
Young Robin 1948 Water Color
Young Scientist 1940 Honorable Mention
Young sugar farmer 1940
Young Sycamores 1920 Oil Painting
Young Vendors, Mexico #1 1945 Ceramic Sculpture
Young Vendors, Mexico #2 1945 Ceramic Sculpture
Young Wife 1962 Photography
Young Woman 1934 Decorative Painting
Young Woman 1939
Young Woman 1929 First Prize
Young woman with a scarf 1951
Young Zebra 1931 Ceramic Sculpture Second Prize
Youngster 1960 Sculpture: Any Medium including Glass and Ceramic
Youngstown Icon 1976 Painting encaustic, paper, and thread
Youngstown Steel Workers Family 1950 Water Color
Youngstown Yantra 1972 Graphics Silk screen Special Mention
Your Guardian Angel 1957 Enameling on Metal First Prize
Your Land is Mine 1936 Illustration
Your Number O 1967 Graphics print, ink drawing collage Juror's Mention
Youth 1922 Decorative Painting
Youth 1938 Sculpture in Stone
Youth 1919
Youth 1934 Portrait
Youth 1933 Illustration
Youth 1925
Youth 1937 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium Third Prize
Youth 1925 Freehand Drawing Second Prize
Youth 1932 Freehand Drawing
Youth 1935 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium First Prize
Youth 1949 Sculpture, Unique
Youth and Experience 1928 Etching
Youth set: spoon, fork and knife 1949 Silverware (Not Jewelry), Unique
Yucca Flats 1955
Yugoslavian 1947 Pastel
Yugoslavian Kitchen 1971 Photography
Yule Tide - Table Cloth 1955
Yuma 1962 Oil Painting
Yun-Cha, the Rain God 1934 Honorable Mention