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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
"Bouquet" bridge set (cloth) 1933 Miscellaneous Handicraft
"Bouquet" bridge set (4 napkins) 1933 Miscellaneous Handicraft
"Bird of a Dream" - wall fountain 1930 Second Prize
"Bird of a Dream" - wall fountain 1930 Sculpture in Bronze Second Prize
"Betty" 1936 Freehand Drawing
"Best Location in the Nation" 1952 Honorable Mention
"Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" 1941 Ceramic Sculpture First Prize
"B" White Lurex Rayon, Cotton 1958 Weaving First Prize
"B" Turquoise and Green Wall Hanging 1959 Weaving
"Army Red" 1942 Third Prize
"And Yet Must I Look" 1960
"And the cake rolled on the sand" 1939 Illustration
"And rubbed and rubbed and rubbed" 1939 Illustration
"And I Will Make You Fishers of Men" 1942 Second Prize
"And How Big was Yours" 1953
"And He Walked His Children In" 1949 Relief Cuts, Woodcuts, Linoleum Cuts First Prize
"And God said, 'Let there be Light'" 1943 Honorable Mention
"And Give Us this Day, Our Daily Bread…" 1985 Other Crafts wood
"All the World is a Stage" 1958 Honorable Mention
"All God's Chillun's Got Wings" 1941 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Third Prize
"A" TTS Turquoise Chenille, Wool, Rayon, Cotton 1958 Weaving First Prize
"a" 1982 Sculpture cast bronze
"a" 1982 Sculpture cast bronze
"A Plurality of Worlds" by Bernard de Fontenelle 1937 Book Binding
"A Hunting We Will Go" 1942
"235" 1959 Water Color (Tempera): Landscape
"1861-1865" 1959