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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Afterglow 1935 First Prize
Afterglow 1951 Pottery, Unique
Afterglow in Manhattan 1958 Water Color (Tempera and Pastel): Landscape
Aftermath 1947 Water Color
Aftermath 1947 Water Color Special Award
Aftermath 1947 Water Color
Aftermath 1952 Water Color (Including Tempera) Honorable Mention
Aftermath 1961 Oil Painting
Aftermath of an Aryan's Lust 1943 Drawing
Aftermath of Beauty 1950 Decorated Painting
Aftermath, Guam 1946 Water Color
Afternon in February, St. Augustine's Convent, Lakwood, Ohio 1920 Oil Painting
Afternoon 1937 Etching and Other Intaglio Processes First Prize
Afternoon 1935 Etching
Afternoon 1948 Pastel
Afternoon 1949 Water Color
Afternoon 1984 Painting ink and charcoal
Afternoon and Awning 1953
Afternoon at the Park 1945
Afternoon call 1942 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Afternoon Delight II 1978 Painting Oil $1,000 Award
Afternoon Downtown 1990 Painting oil
Afternoon Dreams 1923 Decorative
Afternoon Frolic 1935 60
Afternoon Glare 1939 Water Color
Afternoon Glow 1933 Water Color
Afternoon in Florence 1953
Afternoon in Taos, New Mexico 1921 Water Color Second Prize
Afternoon in the Luxembourg 1926 Water Color Special Commendation for the Entire Group of Five Oils and Five Water Colors
Afternoon in the Market 1954
Afternoon Landscape 1943 Lithographs
Afternoon Light 1929 Water Color
Afternoon Light 1926 Monotype
Afternoon Light 1924 Water Color
Afternoon Light 1926 Oil Painting
Afternoon off 1941 Etching and Other Intaglio Processes
Afternoon on a Summer Day 1936 Water Color
Afternoon performance 1949
Afternoon pueblos 1951 Water Color
Afternoon Refractions 1930 Pastel Honorable Mention
Afternoon Shower 1950 Water Color
Afternoon Sun 1935 Water Color
Afternoon Sun 1951 Water Colors (Including Tempera) Second Prize
Afternoon Sun 1977 Painting water color
Afternoon Tea 1925 Illustration
Afternoon Visit 1958 Illustration: Any Medium
Afternoon, London 1930 Water Color
Afternoon, No. 1 1932 Water Color
Afternoon, No. 2 1932 Water Color
Afterwards 1950 Water Color Honorable Mention