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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Abandoned 1935
Abandoned 1933 Etching
Abandoned 1948
Abandoned 1950
Abandoned 1957
Abacus 1954
Aardvark 1954
A. S. N. L 1924 Co. D - Cpl. Kenneth J. Lipstreu 25th BN. 1944 First Prize
A. M. 1949
A. C. S. 1945
A. B. C. 1975 Graphics Silk Screen
A-maze-ing 1965 Jewelry and Metalwork
A-Hunting We Will Go 1945 Second Prize
A-C, Four Stoneware Cups 1962 Pottery and Porcelain
A, B, C. Hoopla, No.. 1, 2, 3, 4 1961 Photography
A Youthful Angle 1953
A Young Woman of Fashion 1935 Illustration
A Young Man 1924 Photography
A Young Man 1931 Drawing
A Young Lady 1936
A Young Girl 1934 Pastel
A Yellow Tulip 1927 Water Color
A Yell out of Me 1945 Lithographs
A Year with the Birds 1919 Book Binding
A Yard of Leaves 1929 Water Color
A Word Fitly Spoken--Proverbs 25:11 1957
A Wonderful Bird is the Pelican 1936 Honorable Mention
A Winter's Tale 1959 Water Color (Tempera): Landscape
A winter scene 1941
A Winter Landscape 1947
A Winter Barnyard 1958
A Windy Day, Lake Erie 1921 Water Color
A Window 1980 Painting oil pastel, chalk, crayon, and graphite
A Winding Creek in Winter 1922
A Wind Out of the North, Bermuda 1924 Water Color
A Whole Garden Full 1927 Water Color Honorable Mention
A White Day, East Cleveland 1921 Oil Painting
A Wet Day at the Sea 1927
A Wet Day 1948 Water Color
A Western 1956 Serigraphs Honorable Mention
A West-side Alley 1928 Etching
A Welsh Muse, plaque in alloy of silver and pewer 1923 Modeling in Low Relief
A Well Ordered Crop - Of Fish and Women 1977 Graphics enamel, collage, and pencil
A Wayside Blacksmith 1925
A warm spring day 1940 Water Color
A Walk 1957
A Vivacious Young Lady 1920 Oil Painting
A visit to the zoo 1951 Water Color
A Village in Czechoslovakia 1928
A Village in Alava 1929