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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Lemon Dish and Fork 1919
Lewis 1919
Little Mountain, Mentor, Ohio 1919
Long Italian Console 1919 Furniture Commended
Loom Lace Centerpiece (329) 1919 Lace and Crochet
Loom lace Centerpiece (332) 1919 Lace and Crochet
Lotus 1919 Etching
Louis XVI Oval Carved Frame 1919
Low Tide, Lake Erie 1919
Lunch Cloth 1919 Embroidery
Lunch Cloth - Basket Design, Cut Work, Flowers, and Eylets 1919 Embroidery
Lunch Set 1919 Hand Weaving
Luncheon Cloth with Filet Crochet Medallion and Lace 1919 Embroidery
Luncheon Set 1919 Work by Blind Craftsmen
Luncheon Set--Filet and French Eyelets 1919 Lace and Crochet
Lyf of Seynt Kenelme 1919 Book Binding
Magazine Cover 1919
Magpies, California 1919
March Snow, Wade Park, Cleveland 1919
Medallions Lent by Mrs. Amos B. McNairy 1919 Embroidery Commended
Men are Square 1919 First Prize, Industrial Subject, Penton Medal for Excellence
Mermaid Fountain Figure in Bronze 1919 Sculpture Commended
Midday Rest 1919
Mid-Winter, Northern Ohio 1919
Miniature Frame 1919 Jewelry
Mirror with Porcelain Tile 1919 Pottery
Mirror with Tile Decoration 1919 Pottery
Miss Ruth Saulman 1919 Miniatures
Misty Morning, Wade Park, Cleveland 1919
Modern Point Lace 1919 Lace and Crochet First Prize, Penton Metal for Excellence
Monogram 1919 Embroidery
Mrs. Alva Bradley 1919 Miniatures
Mrs. C.L. Carver 1919 Miniatures
Mrs. Charles L. Bradley 1919
Mrs. David Johnson 1919
Mrs. Herman A. Harris 1919 Miniatures
Mrs. James W. Jackson 1919 Miniatures
My Hands are Black--But My Hear is Hydraulic 1919
Necklace 1919 Jewelry
Nessus and Nejanira 1919
The Last Snow 1919
The Lone Swan 1919
The Matterhorn, Zermat, Switzerland (Commended) 1919
The Metal Worker 1919 Etching
The Miner--Bronze Head 1919 Sculpture
The Mountain Village 1919
The Museum 1919
The Needleworker 1919
The Old Academician 1919
The Old Church at Berlin Heights, Ohio 1919