Mission of the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives


The Ingalls Library and Museum Archives share the vision of the Cleveland Museum of Art. The library’s mission is to support the museum’s current and future collections, research, exhibitions, publications, lectures, programs, and activities. The archives’ mission is to preserve records that document the origins, development, achievements, and activities of the museum, and to administer the museum’s records management program. The Ingalls Library and Museum Archives serve the museum’s community by identifying, acquiring, organizing, and providing access to information in accordance with our stated values.

The Ingalls Library is committed to the highest standards of the profession and is responsive to current and future information needs through the acquisition, organization, and dissemination of resources.

We work collaboratively, both internally and externally, supporting each other through communication, sharing ideals, and working in support of our mission.

We take pride in our collections, traditions, and history and communicate this pride to our patrons.

We lead in a manner that welcomes and flourishes in a dynamic and ever-changing environment, allowing for professional growth, modern services, and collection growth beyond physical boundaries.

Enjoyable Work Environment  
The Ingalls Library is an open and welcoming place where mutual respect, collegiality, and professionalism motivate the staff to use their talents to bring the pleasure and meaning of art to all in comfort and security.