Video Records

Vincent Price Slide Tour

 A Colorslide Tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, Narrated by Vincent Price.  Copyright 1960 N.H. Abrams, New York, NY.  Presented by the Cleveland Museum of Art Archives in accordance with the US Copyright Act Section 107.

Sherman Lee and Vincent Price

Sherman Lee’s reputation as an art historian was legendary and he counted among his friends art collectors from all walks of life, including actor and connoisseur Vincent Price. Although there’s only a few pieces of correspondence between the two in the archives, among our rare book collection is the Colorslide Tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art (1960), part of the Columbia Record Club series Guided Tours of the World’s Great Museums: A Panorama Colorslide Art Program. This program included world famous museums such as the Louvre, the Metropolitan, the Prado, the Uffizi Gallery, and, of course, the Cleveland Museum of Art. Each volume featured slides of the museums’ greatest works accompanied by a 45rpm audio disk featuring narrations by Mr. Price and other well-known actors including Burgess Meredith, Basil Rathbone, and Hans Conried, Jr.