The Cleveland Museum of Art

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Records of the Extensions Department

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Administrative [View Box List]
Dates: 1920-1996
Extent: .8 cubic feet, 2.5 boxes
Arrangement: Alphabetical thereunder chronological

These files detail department operations and include manuals and procedures, departmental history and overviews, and the closing of the department. The closing files include copies of letters to extensions staff urging them to write the board of trustees to complain. Also included in the series is an explanation of the purpose and function of the extensions department. Photographs are also included. There are annual report files from 1920's-1996 (missing 1928-1938), quarterly reports 1960-1963, and budgets 1990, 1993-1996.

Series 2: Collections [View Box List]
Dates: 1917-1992
Extent: 1.33 cubic feet, 4 boxes
Arrangement: By Subseries

Subseries 2.1: Collections subject Files, 1917-1992 [bulk 1950-1992]

Collections subject files contain correspondence, reports, lists of gifts, loans and purchases, and a collection policy written by Ann Boger ca. 1988. A general overview of the extensions collection can be surmised from this series.

Subseries 2.2: Collections photography, nd.

This series contains photographs of some of the extensions collections. Most of the photos have no dates. Some of the photos have the extensions identification number on the back.

Subseries 2.3: Check out books, 1965-1969, 1990 [bulk 1990]

This series has been kept in its original order and is a list of the books that the department owned that were checked out by people or schools. The lists contain the book number, artist, title, location, and out and in dates.

Subseries 2.4: Loans, 1919-1993 [bulk 1980-1993]

This series deals with loans of extensions art work and art work borrowed by extensions. Most of the loans in this series are not to schools but to other museums or universities. It also includes correspondence, loan agreement forms, and photographs.

Subseries 2.5: Shipping orders, 1948-1985 [bulk 1960-1985]

Series 3: Correspondence and Memorandum [View Box List]
Dates: 1925-1992 [bulk 1960-1992]
Extent: .8 cubic feet, 2.5 boxes
Arrangement: Alphabetical, followed by memos chronologically

The correspondence series contains the correspondence and memorandums of the extensions department. The memos range from 1962-1992 with the years 1986-1992 having individual year folders. Correspondence is to people and places including Stewart & Stewart, Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Health Museum, and the Weatherland Foundation.

Series 4: Exhibitions [View Box List]
Dates: 1951-1994
Extent: 12.33 cubic feet, 37 boxes
Arrangement: By subseries, thereunder chronological, thereunder alphabetical

The exhibition files are divided into two subseries.

Subseries 4.1: Exhibitions arranged chronologically, 1951-1994, 9.33 cubic feet, 28 boxes

This subseries contains nearly every exhibit the Extensions department produced for a venue from 1951 to 1994, arranged chronologically. Many of the exhibits contain some of the following: art work labels, brochures, case lists, correspondence, display layouts, essays about the artists or the works, floor plans, lists of works included in exhibit, loan forms, memos, newspaper clippings, order forms, photographs, press releases, and shipping orders. The exhibits were reused by different venues in different years and therefore continuously reappear throughout the subseries.

Subseries 4.2: Exhibitions arranged by location, 1959-1993, 3 cubic feet, 9 boxes

This subseries is similar to the above subseries. These folders are arranged by the venue borrowing the extensions exhibit. The venues are arranged alphabetically. Exhibits are filed chronological within the location. This subseries contains some of the following: art work labels, brochures, case lists, correspondence, display layouts, essays about the artists or the works, floor plans, lists of works included in exhibit, loan forms, memos, newspaper clippings, order forms, photographs, press releases, and shipping orders.

Series 5: Schools and Libraries [View Box List]
Dates: 1953-1993
Extent: 2.5 cubic feet, 7.5 boxes
Arrangement: By subseries

The schools and library files are divided into four subseries.

Subseries 5.1: Libraries A-Z and subject files, 1955-1992

This subseries contains information about exhibits loaned to libraries including: case information, correspondence, exhibit descriptions, newspaper clippings, and one entire folder of art summery labels.

Subseries 5.2: Schools A-Z, 1953-1992

This subseries contains information about the schools that borrowed exhibits and is arranged alphabetically by school. It contains correspondence, applications for the school to borrow materials including lists of the individual at the school responsible for each display, photographs of the students, and press releases.

Subseries 5.3: School subject files, 1965-1992

This subseries contains information about the schools and libraries organized by subject. This information is more generic than site specific. It encompasses all aspects of the extensions program with local schools and libraries including reports, reviews, and questionnaires.

Subseries 5.4: Schools and libraries by employee, 1977-1993

This subseries remains in its original order and contains information about extensions staff members' location visits. Staff members were responsible for exhibits/displays in a specific geographical area. The files contain school visit records, school exhibit choices, and evaluations. (See box lists for staff names.) There are also a few files divided by geographical region and not by staff.

Series 6: Subject Files [View Box List]
Dates: 1916-1992
Extent: 1.5 cubic feet, 4.5 boxes
Arrangement: By subseries

Subseries 6.1: 75th Anniversary, 1988-1991

This subseries contains information about the production of the Art Museum's 75th anniversary weekend held in the museum and around Wade Oval. It was an elaborate production that required years of preparation. The files include those for vendors and volunteers. Diagrams, maps and vender arrangements are included along with board meetings about the event.

Subseries 6.2: Subject files A-Z

The subject file subseries is a miscellaneous collection of information about the department and its exhibits. The files include information on specific exhibits, correspondence, and information about locations. They also contain memorandums, curriculums, policies, and newspaper clippings.

Series 7: Visual Materials [View Box List]
Dates: 1925-1992 [bulk 1980s]
Extent: .66 cubic feet, 2 boxes
Arrangement: Alphabetical

This series contains photographs and negatives from exhibits produced by the extensions department. Some of the photographs are not labeled with exhibit, location, or date. Many of the photographs that are labeled do not fit into existing exhibit file folders and therefore have been filed separately in this series. Many of the photographs are arranged by extensions identification number.

Series 8: Microfilm [View Box List]
Dates: 1919-1975
Extent: .33 cubic feet, 13 35mm microfilm boxes
Arrangement: original order

This series contains microfilm copies of records including exhibit records, location information, and school records.