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Gallery Maps and Numbering History, 1916-2009

Please note: The interactive gallery maps on this page cover the years 1916-2009.  To view current gallery maps please visit the museum’s website at

Over the years the museum has grown and changed its physical footprint in order to best present the collections to the public. Additions were constructed in 1958, 1971, 1983 and  2005-2013. This growth has resulted in changes in gallery placement, numbering, and identification. In the original 1916 building all galleries were located on the second floor, or gallery level. They were numbered from one to fifteen. The 1958 building added 22 new galleries on the second floor which continued the numerical sequence to thirty-seven. At the same time galleries were added to the ground floor of the 1916 building. These were identified alphabetically as galleries A through T.

With the addition of the Breuer wing and subsequent renovation of galleries in the 1916 and 1958 buildings between 1972 and 1976 all galleries on both the ground and second floors were renumbered from one through thirty-six. With the 1983 addition the galleries on the northwest side of the 1958 building were renumbered to accommodate the new galleries.

Between 1991 and 1993 all galleries were renumbered again. Galleries on the ground floor had one hundred added to the number (ex. gallery 10 became gallery 110). Galleries on the second floor had two hundred added to the number (ex. Gallery 29 became gallery 229).

The most recent renovation and expansion project has once again necessitated a change in the gallery identification schema. Galleries in the renovated 1916 building, opened in 2008, and the east wing, opened in 2009, are identified internally by the numbers assigned on architectural drawings. Publicly the galleries are identified by donor name instead of number although galleries are often identified with a number key on visitor maps.

Use the maps below to view the galleries and their artistic themes from 1916 to 2009. Many include images of the galleries installed over time. Additional images are available in the museum archives. These images include permanent collections and special exhibitions.

Use this map for galleries on Level 2 of the 1916 building and the East Wing.
Use this map for galleries on Level 2 of the 1958, 1971 and 1983 buildings.
Use this map for galleries on Level 1 of the 1916 and 1958 buildings.