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JStor Tips and Tricks

JStor is an online journal repository covering numerous disciplines available through the Ingalls Library online research resources. Information regarding JStor is available online. Accessing this resource at Ingalls Library is easy, after logging in, click search collections, and then click view online resources. JStor is on the second page of this list, and can be jumped to by typing J in the starts with box, and clicking the arrow button. From the Basic Search screen, simply enter a term and the database will search the entire collection for that term. More nuanced results can be achieved from the Advanced Search screen. Select a Journal or Discipline from the list, then enter a term or list of terms in the fields provided. Limits are provided with pulldown menus and check boxes to define your search query further. If you are interested in images, search only in the caption. Help with the Advanced Search screen is available as well. Browsing the journal collection is also available. This list is provided by discipline or by title. To help you find your topic or title faster, it is recommended that you utilize your browsers CTRL+F, find function. If you know your citation, you can also perform a simple Article Search.