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The Siku Quanshu

The Ingalls Library is pleased to announce the purchase of a significant online resource for research on Chinese art. The Siku Quanshu (Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature) was compiled during the years 1773-1782 by edict of Emperor Qianlong. The Siku Quanshu includes 3,460 works with a total of more than 36,000 volumes. Having approximately 800 million characters, it is unarguably the single largest collection of literary works in the world.

The works included in the Siku Quanshu pertain to the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, including history, geography, politics, economics, science and technology, and philosophy, etc. In the course of its compilation, large numbers of rare books and manuscripts were collected and preserved.

The Siku Quanshu can be accessed through E-Research (MetaLib), from the Library OPAC terminals.  Please ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.