Recent Acquisitions, Reference

Encyclopædia Britannica Online

The Ingalls Library has reacquired access to the Encyclopædia Britannica Online.  This resource is available via the Electronic Resources list, by clicking Search Collections and View Online Resources.  In addition to this version, the Library maintains three Encyclopædia Britannica sets in the reference room, the Eleventh Edition, the Fourteenth Edition, and the Fifteenth Edition.  This last set is called the Macropædia, in that it spends more time covering fewer topics.  Or as the spine reads, Knowledge in Depth.  It also serves as an example of why a library needs three sets of Encyclopædia Britannica.  Each one is a little different.  In so much, the online Britannica offers greater avenues of access to information, via keyword searching, indexing, and in text linking.  The resource is further enhanced by the inclusion of the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Notable Quotations.