Catalogue Raisonné, Recent Acquisitions

Bruegel Catalogue Raisonné

Though the details of Pieter Bruegel's life are not entirely known, the literature on his oeuvre is significant.  Newly published, Bruegel: the Complete Paintings, Prints and Drawings is a welcome addition.  In the 32 page introduction the author Manfred Sellink addresses some of the inconsistancies of Brugel's life story.  The artist's work follows, in paintings, drawings, and prints, followed by posthumous prints, and problematic attributions.  Most entries are briefly annotated, while major works extend over several pages.  Illustrations are reproduced with numerous details.  A short bibliography follows.  A note from the author states that, "it is not the aim of this book to provide as complete a list as possible of all references for each work," continuing, "it is very much the question as to whether that aim would indeed be worthwhile in view of their highly varying quality."  The catalogue closes with three indices, a topographical index to paintings and drawings, an index of works, and an index of proper names.  Located in recent acquisitions.  N6973.B68 A4 2007