Catalogue Raisonné, Recent Acquisitions

José Guerrero: Catalogo Razonado

The work of Spanish born painter José Guerrero is presented in this catalogue raisonne in vivid detail.  Though he is known for his later abstract imagery, the first volume of this set deals with his formative years as a painter.  Covering 1931 to 1969, the text displays an artist in transition, from realistic scene and landscape painter to burgeoning abstract artist.  By the 1950s, Guerrero is in New York, and leaving the influence of Picasso behind for Kline, Rothko, and Motherwell.  His work follows in the second volume, from 1970-1991, exhibiting his trademark vibrant colors and brushwork.  Guerrero died in 1992, his work in prominent collections, including the Guggenheim and the Whitney.   The two volume set is available in the library catalog, ND813.G7685 A4 2007.  The library also holds two clipping files on the artist, and numerous texts.