Catalogue Raisonné, Music

Andy Warhol the Record Covers 1949-1987

This catalogue raisonné unites a fairly disparate body of Warhol's graphic work, the record covers he designed for LP records.  This is the second publication on this somewhat esoteric topic and the first in English; an earlier German title exists, a former dissertation published in 2001.  While the literature on Warhol is formidable, we hold over 100 exhibition catalogs on the artist alone, this collection is compelling.  The arc of the work is fascinating, from the early modernist sketches at the beginning of his career to the pop art portraits that close the volume.  Represented here are his most famous covers, for the Velvet Underground and Nico and the Rolling Stones, as well as the less well known covers he did for John Cale and Debbie Harry and others.  A number of inclusions seem curious at first, including that of Andy Warhol's Index, a book which is justified in this collection because of the enclosed flexi disk of recorded material.  Nonetheless, this is a fine catalog, highlighting yet another example of Warhol's massive oeuvre.  NC1883.3.W37 A4 2008