Place-Name Changes Since 1900

At the far end of the reference room, a small orange volume is tucked between historical atlases. For our purposes, G is primarily Geography and Anthropology. We don't find much usage for the Recreation part of the number range. Therein is shelved Place-Names Changes Since 1900. This volume is one of those single use reference texts that we use once or twice a year. The title tells the entire story. In researching civilizations both ancient and modern, it can be difficult to keep track of the previous names of places. For such a purpose, there is this book. As the Four Lads' song goes, "Even old New York, was once New Amsterdam." And it was. As well, Stalingrad became Volgograd, which for the record was originally Tsaritsyn, prior to Stalin and subsequent de-Stalinization. If you look up Siam, the see reference is to Thailand. And really, if you'd like to go to Ceylon you'll have to ask for a plane ticket to Sri-Lanka. So again, like the song says, "If you've a date in Constantinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul."