Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Daysort descending Start Year End Month End Day End Year
Colonial Paintings and Silver October 1939 October 1939
Chinese Imperial Porcelains April 1960 May 1960
18th- and 19th-Century Oriental Embroideries November 1923 December 15 1923
Recent Accessions in Decorative Arts February 1923 April 1923
22nd Ceramic National Exhibition November 1962 December 1962
Modern European Toys [Children's Museum] (1929) October 1929 February 1930
Graphic Art of Goya April 1940 June 1940
English Decorative Arts September 1980 February 1981
Old Master Drawings from the Museum Collection October 1939 November 1939
Costume Dolls from Fairmount Junior High School [Children's Museum] June 1931 June 1931
Museum-Owned Prints November 1923 November 1923
North American Indian Art [Children's Museum] (1930, 2) October 1930 November 1930
International Oil Paintings February 1923 February 1923
Indian Sculpture in Metal [cancelled] 1963 1963
Exhibition of the Month: Console of the Rebuilt McMyler Organ February 1946 February 1946
Creative Art Education [education material] lent by Heinrich W. Schaefer-Simmern January 1938 January 1938
Flower and Fruit Prints, Gift of the Print Club for the Donald Gray Memorial Collection April 1940 April 1940
Drawings from Museum Toys by Pupils of Charles Dickens School [Children's Museum] July 1933 July 1933
Drawings from the Members' Children in the Saturday Morning Classes October 1939 October 1939
Christmas Drawings by Pupils of the Drawing Classes of the Museum January 1928 January 1928