Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Daysort descending Start Year End Month End Day End Year
Exhibition of the Month: Classic to Baroque: A Style Change in the Arts December 1948 December 1948
Toys from Many Lands [Children's Museum] December 1936 December 1936
The Pepsi-Cola Annual Art Competition 1946 1948
Modern European Toys [Children's Museum] (1929) October 1929 February 1930
Chinese and Javanese Shadow Figures and Marionettes [Children's Museum] November 1938 November 1938
Special Exhibition of Prints by Alphonse Legros July 1925 July 1925
Theater Arts for Young People [Children's Museum] January 1940 January 1940
The Architecture of Louis Sullivan [not held] 1949 1949
Paintings for the Museum Collection May 1939 May 1939
English Decorative Arts September 1980 February 1981
Costume Dolls from Fairmount Junior High School [Children's Museum] June 1931 June 1931
Techniques of Textile Paintings December 1948 December 1948
North American Indian Art [Children's Museum] (1930, 2) October 1930 November 1930
Rodin's Balzac Monument, from the Collection of B. Gerald Canton June 1968 October 1968
Japanese Stencils Link April 1932 April 1932
Christmas Drawings by Pupils of the Drawing Classes of the Museum January 1928 January 1928
Etchings by Legros November 1922 November 1922
Miscellaneous Paintings and Water Colors from the Museum October 1925 October 1925
An Exhibition of Monumental Sculpture [Blossom Music Center] Link July 1968 September 1968
North American Indian Art [Children's Museum] (1932) April 1932 April 1932