Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Day Start Year End Month End Daysort descending End Year
International Oil Paintings February 1923 February 1923
Techniques of Textile Paintings December 1948 December 1948
Mythological Animals September 1958 September 1958
Chinese Art (1929) April 1929 April 1929
Crafts of the Far East [Children's Museum] March 1940 May 1940
Museum-Owned Prints November 1923 November 1923
Small Bronzes from the National Sculpture Society through The American Federation of Arts April 1920 April 1920
Japanese Prints February 1937 February 1937
Paintings from Museum Collections: English and Spanish Schools; French School, 17th to 18th Century; European Painting, 20th Century; American, 19th to 20th Century June 17 1946 September 1946
Vaiksnoras Retrospective Exhibition October 1973
[William J.] Gordon Estate, Recent Accessions and Other Loans January 06 1917
Contemporary Prints February 1923 February 1923
Sketches for Murals by Students of the Museum's Advanced Drawing Class November 1936 November 1936
The Development of Writing and Printing December 08 1940
African Art [Children's Museum] July 1932 July 1932
Medieval Music Manuscripts lent by Otto F. Ege [Children's Museum] February 1937 February 1937
Paintings and Sculpture in the Renaissance Tradition October 1939 October 1939
Chinese Imperial Porcelains April 1960 May 1960
Michael A. Sarisky Memorial Exhibition January 1974 January 1975
Opening of the West Wing [Gallery Renovations, Phase IV, Opening Events] December 1974