Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Daysort descending Start Year End Month End Day End Year
Children of Foreign Lands, their Toys, Costumes, and Pictures [Children's Museum] November 1939 December 1939
Etchings of the Dutch Masters December 1922 December 1922
Greek Vases and Sculpture July 1927 July 1927
Painting: "The Symphony" by Maximilian Mopp February 1941 February 1941
The Pepsi-Cola Annual Art Competition 1946 1948
Portrait Lithographs by William Rothenstein and a Few Process-Reproductions of Portraits and Other Lithographs by Whistler February 1917 February 1917
Durer December 1922 December 1922
Chinese Toys and Sculpture [Children's Museum] January 1934 January 1934
Flower Motifs in Textiles December 1935 December 1935
The Architecture of Louis Sullivan [not held] 1949 1949
Japanese Dolls and Chinese Figurines [Children's Museum] June 1929 July 1929
Second Annual Exhibit of the American Bookplate Society: Bookplates by E. D. French and Bookplates of Famous People, lent by Western Reserve University February 1917 April 1917
Flutes from the Dayton C. Miller Collection March 1935 April 14 1935
Work of Students of The Cleveland School of Art (1924) January 1924 January 1924
Ship Models [Children's Museum] February 1932 February 1932
Animals and Plants as used by the Artist [Children's Museum] May 1937 June 1937
Posters of Many Lands December 1939 December 1939
Etched Designs for Table China by Felix Bracquemond December 1922 December 1922
European Children January 1934 January 1934
Japanese Dolls [Children's Museum] (1930) June 1930 June 1930