Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Day Start Year End Month End Daysort descending End Year
Paintings from Museum Collections: English and Spanish Schools; French School, 17th to 18th Century; European Painting, 20th Century; American, 19th to 20th Century June 17 1946 September 1946
Trojan Horse [Children's Museum] July 1932 July 1932
Water Colors from the Museum Collection (1938, 2) November 1938 November 1938
Japanese Prints and Stencils April 1930 April 1930
Whistler Etchings and Lithographs: Reproductions January 1917 January 1917
Techniques of Textile Paintings December 1948 December 1948
Architectural Drawings from the Society of Beaux-Arts, New York January 1932 January 1932
Drawings by the Advanced Drawing Classes July 1934 July 1934
Numbers October 07 1968
Japanese Court Dolls [Children's Museum] March 1933 April 1933
Outdoor Class Exhibit October 1959 October 1959
Exhibition of Work by English Artists, Cleveland Society for Contemporary Art [Cleveland Institute of Art] 1976
Chinese and Javanese Shadow Figures and Marionettes [Children's Museum] November 1938 November 1938
North American Indian Art [Children's Museum] April 1930 May 1930
Etchings by Legros November 1922 November 1922
Watercolors by Auguste Ravier lent by F.[rank] S. Lahm January 1917 January 1917
Masks and Shadow Figures [Children January 1932 January 1932
The Development of Writing and Printing December 08 1940
Ohio Print-Makers' Exhibition December 1933 December 1933
Japanese Screens from CMA Collections (1967) June 1967 August 1967