Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Daysort descending Start Year End Month End Day End Year
Etchings by Legros November 1922 November 1922
Scandinavian Handicraft [Children's Museum] December 1937 December 1937
Graphic Art of Goya April 1940 June 1940
Exhibition of the Month: Classic to Baroque: A Style Change in the Arts December 1948 December 1948
Old Master Drawings from the Museum Collection October 1939 November 1939
Japanese Court Dolls and Chinese Sculpture October 1931 November 1931
Historic Brocades, Damasks and Velvets November 1930 December 1930
The Story of Landscape [Museum of Modern Art, New York] November 1951 November 1951
Miscellaneous Paintings and Water Colors from the Museum October 1925 October 1925
Creative Art Education [education material] lent by Heinrich W. Schaefer-Simmern January 1938 January 1938
Flower and Fruit Prints, Gift of the Print Club for the Donald Gray Memorial Collection April 1940 April 1940
Four Centuries of Etching and Engraving from the Museum Collections June 1923 October 14 1923
Drawings from the Members' Children in the Saturday Morning Classes October 1939 October 1939
Exhibition of the Month: A Portrait of the So-Called Column and Curtain School October 1943 October 1943
Outdoor Life Photographic Contest and Show. In cooperation with the American and Canadian Sportsman's Show [Public Auditorium, Cleveland] April 1954 April 1954
Japanese Arts and Crafts [Children's Museum] 1935 October 15 1935
The Ellen Garretson Wade Memorial Lace Collection (1925) October 1925 December 1925
Christmas Cribs [Children's Museum] December 1932 December 1932
Techniques of Textile Paintings December 1948 December 1948
Focus Exhibition: Jonah Marbles September 2009 September 2009