Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Daysort descending Start Year End Month End Day End Year
African Art [Children's Museum] July 1932 July 1932
Flower and Fruit Prints, Gift of the Print Club for the Donald Gray Memorial Collection April 1940 April 1940
Drawings from the Members' Children in the Saturday Morning Classes October 1939 October 1939
Medieval Music Manuscripts lent by Otto F. Ege [Children's Museum] February 1937 February 1937
Greek Vases and Sculpture July 1927 July 1927
European Embroideries May 1934 May 1934
The Pepsi-Cola Annual Art Competition 1946 1948
The Architecture of Louis Sullivan [not held] 1949 1949
Second Annual Exhibit of the American Bookplate Society: Bookplates by E. D. French and Bookplates of Famous People, lent by Western Reserve University February 1917 April 1917
Japanese Court Dolls [Children's Museum] March 1933 April 1933
Period Dolls [Children's Museum] May 1931 July 1931
Print Process (1978) September 1978 February 13 1979
Trojan Horse [Children's Museum] July 1932 July 1932
Renoir Reproductions lent by Frank H. Ginn December 1937 December 1937
Architectural Drawings from the Society of Beaux-Arts, New York January 1932 January 1932
Primitive Art [Children's Museum] (1939) October 1939 October 1939
Peasant Embroideries October 1935 October 1935
Rodin's Balzac Monument, from the Collection of B. Gerald Canton June 1968 October 1968
Special Exhibition of Prints by Alphonse Legros July 1925 July 1925
Scandinavian Handicraft [Children's Museum] December 1937 December 1937