Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Daysort descending Start Year End Month End Day End Year
Oriental Collection October 1952 October 1952
Four Centuries of Etching and Engraving from the Museum Collections June 1923 October 14 1923
Easter Eggs and European Peasant Carvings [Children's Museum] April 1934 April 1934
The Pepsi-Cola Annual Art Competition 1946 1948
Material from the Excavations conducted at Seleucia October 1933 October 1933
Crafts of the Far East [Children's Museum] March 1940 May 1940
Recently Acquired Prints October 1952 November 09 1952
Japanese Prints February 1937 February 1937
The Architecture of Louis Sullivan [not held] 1949 1949
Japanese Art [Children's Museum] October 1933 October 1933
Gallery Class Exhibition December 1959 December 1959
Portrait Lithographs by William Rothenstein and a Few Process-Reproductions of Portraits and Other Lithographs by Whistler February 1917 February 1917
Dutch, Flemish, and German Prints September 1976 December 1976
Goya Centennial Exhibition February 1928 February 1928
Medieval Music Manuscripts lent by Otto F. Ege [Children's Museum] February 1937 February 1937
Paintings and Sculpture in the Renaissance Tradition October 1939 October 1939
Rodin's Balzac Monument, from the Collection of B. Gerald Canton June 1968 October 1968
Etchings of the Dutch Masters December 1922 December 1922
Christmas Cribs and Crib Figures [Children's Museum] December 1930 December 1930
Exhibition of the Month: Domenico Theotocopuli January 1944 January 1944