Recent Acquisitions

Pilgrim Badges -- Souvenirs of Faith

“Far more important consequences, however, resulted from the fact that the medieval mind associated the pilgrimage with the forgiveness of sins. This conception of the pilgrimage, as a means of expiation or a source of pardon for a wrong, was foreign to the ancient Church. The pilgrimage became an act of obedience; and is enjoined for a definite period, or for life, as an expiation for many of the more serious sins, especially murder or the less venial forms of unchastity.”

Midwest Modern The Color Woodcuts of Mabel Hewit

The color pop effect of Mabel Hewit’s bold white-line woodcuts provokes exclamation. Truly. Enter the exhibition's rooms, on the mezzanine level of the Museum's 1916 building, filled with both prints and woodblocks and one is totally charmed by the color schemes and bold patterns of modern everyday life. Mabel Hewit was born in Ohio, and spent the last fifty years in Cleveland.

Your Monday Table, Our Recent Acquisitions, Now Available

Before the Ingalls Library moved upstairs and into our new space in the Breuer building, the Monday Table occupied a room across from the circulation desk. Here the newest additions to the library's collection could be browsed weekly. Now our recent acquisitions reside on the center table in the Reading Room, conveniently located for your perusal. If you are unable to visit the Ingalls Library, this new feature of a catalog is for you.