Recent Acquisitions

Frits' Frames

In a tiny jewel of a publication lies a concept developed by curator Willem van Zoetendaal -- "to confront period frames with modern photography." Frames revisited: masterpieces of Dutch portrait photography shown in antique frames from the Frits Lugt Collection is an "Exposition-dossier VII" project undertaken by the Neerlandaise Fondation in collaboration with Fondation Custodia in Paris.

Continuous Mile by Liza Lou

Newly acquired and residing in the contemporary galleries of the East Wing is a sculpture by artist Liza Lou.  Continuous Mile (Black) is a large coil of what appears to be rope, but when viewed closely is made entirely from black glass beads.  The hand knotted sculpture is the product of Lou's interest in beadwork and her location; her studio is in the city of Durban, South Africa.  There she is able to draw on local Zulu men and women to

The Grove Encylopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture

This recently published three volume set is, like so many previous Grove volumes, immediately essential.  The Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture fills in an unoccupied space in the reference collection, covering topics heretofore not published in a single volume or set.  Entries are concise but thorough, with up to date bibliography.  Illustrations and photographs are in black and white.  An index follows in the third volume.  One cannot overlook the most obvious, but perhaps most important aspect of this set; it is published in English.