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English and Continental Portrait Miniatures Bibliography

The portrait miniature is a form that developed from manuscript illumination in the 16th century in Europe and continued for over four hundred years.  Its practitioners worked predominantly in watercolor and gouache on vellum and ivory, but also in enamel.  The Cleveland Museum of Art has an extensive collection of portrait miniatures a selection of which are on display in the gallery of British art in the 1916 building.  The following is a bibliography of important texts on English and Continental portrait miniatures.

CMA Exhibition History

The CMA exhibition history maintained by the Archives is new and improved. The history, which used to be a collection of 91 individual web pages arranged by year, is now a searchable database. Where staff and researchers used to have to know the year of an exhibition to find the full title and dates, they can now search by an exhibition title keyword. The searchable database also allows a way to collect all exhibitions on a certain topic, such as Picasso or bronzes, provided that the topic is in the title.